Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Tony Ross and—depending on what year, relation, and/or location you may or may not have met me—you may know me as Anthony Ross (my logo calls me Tony). Though only two versions of tonyteach.com have ever been visible to the general public, this particular site is actually version seven, and is my first entry into the world of blogdom. This blog has been designed, redesigned, polished, and polished again. It’s kind of like a penny that I have shined and rubbed to a smooth, faceless, copper canvas—except the site is more white than copper – Does anyone know why the penny is the copper choice of stove-pipe hats?

The funny thing about site design, or design in general, is filling spaces with body copy. If it’s about you, or your site, what do you write?

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Sound convinced, but not conceited; be witty, but not corny; and by golly when Tony Ross writes a bio he does not write it in the third person! I think Tony may need a little more filler, how about my thoughts on the education system? Isn’t it wonderful how elementary school hallways are scented with the delightful potpourri of crayons, contruction paper, and edible paste? You know, paste, like a warm tub of lick-and-stick, envelope-flavored frosting. Ever wonder how they get that envelope taste into mint plants in the first place? Art is good, like warm cheese.