So let me tell you about my new book (my first actually).
The Little Book of Flash Animation: Tutorials and Practices

I have found that a lot of the books out there on the subject are thick…
Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my thick animation books… Illusion of Life (drool)…
But where are the skinny Preston Blair/Walter Foster books on Flash ?
You know, a straight, to-the-point, thin book like the “How to Draw Manga” series.

The concept:
Take all the lessons I’ve created over the years, and present them in this format, Traditionally we did it this way… Now, here is a way you could do it in Flash.

I am writing the book as if I were writing it for my late animation mentor and friend, Lou Hertz. Though he was slightly pixel-phobic, he would always ask “When are you gonna teach me Flash”, I would answer “When do you wanna learn?”
We were supposed to team teach a student Fall of 2005, but he passed away that July.

So if someone has never touched Flash, but maybe knows animation (or maybe not), they could start the book Friday, and have a decent animation on Monday .

The book will be coming out this summer. In the meantime I will be placing excerpts from the book online in the form of video tutorials, stay tuned.