I have a concern. Once upon a time, in the heyday of Bugs Bunny, Mickey and the like, there were great stories, voice work, music, foley and sound effects, and awesome animation. These works took entire studios to produce.
Now, with todays technology, animations and even movies can be created by a small group, or even one person with one computer. Somehow with all this power came this tired excuse of It’s all about the story. Maybe so, but is there any reason I should sit through poorly drawn, barely animated (more like motion graphics with pseudo lip-sync) cartoons? If it’s only about the story, why make it move at all? To the best of my knowledge, Farside originally was not animated, but simple one panel stories, that were brilliant.
Maybe budgets, and/or time constaints are an issue. Maybe the people directing the project. Maybe I’m not the target audience. Maybe I should just say thank you to a few of my favorite animators (in no particular order) :

Bernard Derriman

Andrew Phillips

Michael Gagne

Ghostbot: Alan Lau, Roque Ballesteros, and Brad Rau

Bill Plympton

I will be adding on to this as I go along, feel free to add your two cents.