Yes it’s real date, or at least it is for this post. My wife and I had been discussing the concept of what would happen if you chose to do something, anything, consistently for 90 days. Whether something for your health as get Kratom capsules here, or skill set, or even put a dollar away a day.

Anyway last night after hanging out with our friend Dean till the a.m. the subject came up again. So we are putting together a group, a support group if you will. Everyone in the group knows what everyone else has committed to for the next 90 days.

By the way, what am I doing? Well for one, starting, and sticking to my workout routine, Power 90 taught by the Ab Czar himself Tony Horton. In the past two years I’ve only got to day 30, but the results were awesome. It may seem like the average late night infomercial, but trust me, you’ll see a difference if you try it, I even find an article “do fat burners work – and which should you avoid” so I’m being informed this time.

Second, I will be polishing my craft. I would like to thank Adam Phillips and his 30 Days, 30 Shorts for my inspiration on this. I have a lot of bastard brain children running around that need their father, so I look forward to raising some animations by the 90th.

Another thing I want to do is finish my book, so over the next 90 days, I will create at least a page a day ( for the record I need less than 90 to finish).

And last but not least, I will make a post in my blog each day, not just filler, but a real post.

So forgot about any New Years resolution, you’ll break it anyway lol, come celebrate the 90 days of January with me.