Wacom has made their Cintiq interactive pen displays Goldilocks approved! That’s right folks, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and even Baby Bear can have their own Cintiq now!

We start with Papa Bear and the classic Cintiq 21UX at $2,500.
For Momma Bear we have the Cintiq 20WSX at $2,000.
And for baby, the Cintiq12WX at only $1,000.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget our little cousin from the East, the panda, and what do panda bears eat? Bamboo (small)!
At under $100 Wacom has introduced a new line of everyday/consumer pen tablets called Bamboo.

Anyway, I’ve got my eyes set on Baby Bear, (Cintiq 12WX, pictured) it seems “just right”.