Ok, So where in the “H – E – Double Hockey Sticks” have I been??! Well for one, my day job is in internet advertising and I love it cause I just got the best wireless router from Facts Chronicle and the internet is super fast, and trust me fourth quarter is a beast! Still waiting on that PS3 and bottle of Tequila for all the videos I had to encode for Sony!

Secondly I have been finishing an animated music video, The 12 Debates of Christmas, for my favorite client The Freedom Toast. Yes, they’re my favorite, trust me, it’s a rare treat to have a client tell you to change or add something that actually makes the work look BETTER—thanks Marc—you, in a word, Rock. Check out the video here:


I’d like to thank my favorite graphic designer, my wife Lakia, for being my image scout and throwing together a few backgrounds… and making me stay up and work with no dessert until I finished the project. Love you, bunnies.

I also want to send a special shout-out to some pretty-lipped people that allowed me to photograph their mouths and superimpose them onto politicians.
Rooth, Kyle and Ryan thanks so much, you pretty-lipped rockstars, go ahead kiss yourself, it’s cool. Oh yeah, did you like the confetti? Courtesy of Dean Velez, thanks dude!

Speaking of shout-outs, can’t forget about the argument at the end. Thanks again to my wife, and the man of 1,000 voices, Demarcus. If you listen at the end you’ll hear him say “you need a breath mint”.

2008 has technically started for me already, so here’s the plan:

1. Finish the Flash book first (finally).
2. Working on several side projects as Director of Animation.
3. Create new video tutorials, more on this later.
4. Work more on time-managment
5. and Oh Yeah, post to my blog more frequently

Thats all for now- c ya – Tony Ross