Some of you may have noticed my tutorials have been a little slow posting as of late. Well I can now explain the delay. Around mid-December I sent an email to Creative COW asking to host a show on working in Flash. When I went back later that day to check my email, expecting the normal “auto-responder”, I was shocked to find an actual email from the publishers of Creative COW. Even more shocking was they had seen my work and had been meaning to contact me. So I have been a little busy building and re-working some new tutorials for the COW.

The first one is up now, a basic tutorial of a pencil drawing a straight line, with an intermediate pencil tutorial to follow. Following that will be a series of Optical Illusions, and last but not least the 3 part rainy Cityscape. I will be also reworking my site, I’ve already added a tutorial request section (look to your right).

I will end this post by saying that the day I sent the email to Creative Cow, I had just finished telling one of my former students to simply “Take a chance, what’s the worst that can happen”. I followed my own advice that day, and now I give it to you.