Do you realize that 30 minutes a day turns into about 15 hours every month – but what the heck can you do in only 30 minutes?

1. Post in your Blog

2. Start reading that book you’ve been putting off for two years

3. Start writing that book you’ve been putting off for two years

4. Learn to juggle, or learn to juggle better

5. Learn to draw, or learn to draw better
“But I can’t draw, not even a straight line!”
Well skippy, you can’t do what you don’t do, so instead of spending the next 30 minutes convincing yourself why you shouldn’t learn to draw that straight line, pick up pencil and paper and just do it!

6. Learn at least three new words from a different language (or your own language ).

7. Start learning to play an instrument… no instrument handy? Sit down, get your hands on the table, feet on the floor, and learn to play drums.

8. Learn to build a web page. Use HTML, CSS, Flash, php, MySQL, whatever it is, do something new, or polish up on the stuff you’ve forgotten about.

9. Exercise

10. Spend 30 minutes writing down 30 reasons why you don’t have 30 minutes to do something.

NOTE: If it took you less than 30 minutes to read this… GO DO SOMETHING 🙂