I want to take a moment to explain the idea behind my new online classes at eduFire.com.

I have 10+ years teaching experience, and two of my specialties are:
1. developing ways of delivering a lot of information in a short time period, and
2. putting forth that information in a way that the novice does not feel overwhelmed.

An example of this is in my Flash animation class, though this is an intro class, students are doing their first animation within the first 30 minutes of class.

I have been teaching, at a local university, a few Community Education (CE) courses on Flash over the past 5 years. The courses are 16 hrs long, broken up over two consecutive weekends. I was looking for a way to build a modular teaching series.

I have always been interested in teaching online, and then I came across the eduFire community. I like eduFire because, like the CE courses, I am free to develop classes of my own design. This is especially helpful as most of my class topics & tutorials are based on students requests and questions. I also love the fact that unlike the CE courses I teach, you don’t have to live near Atlanta to attend them. In my last eduFire class, I had students ranging from California to Cairo! If you are looking for leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all high school subjects, click here to find qce tutors.

So, what has developed from this are my new 2-hour mini-classes. Designed to be modular, short and to the point. They are broken up into two groups:

the “I Wanna Learn” Series: intro courses for the beginner to get their feet wet (these classes are always FREE)

and the “Simple and Perfect” Series (these courses are intermediate level, and are normally $49).

Here is a listing of my eduFire classes for August 09, and if you haven’t done so already, please fill out my short survey, as this information helps me to design better classes and tutorials.

I Wanna Learn Flash: Interactive Intro,
*FREE* : Saturday, Aug. 1, 12pm – 2pm EDT

Simple & Perfect : Banners and Ads in Flash,
*$49* : Sunday, Aug. 2, 12pm – 2pm EDT

I Wanna Learn Flash: Animation intro,
*FREE* : Saturday, Aug. 8, 12pm – 2pm EDT

Simple & Perfect: Animating a short in Flash,
*$49* : Sunday, Aug. 9, 12pm – 2pm EDT

Simple & Perfect: Flash AS: Five scripts you should know,
*$19* : Aug. 22, 12pm – 2pm EDT

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out my short survey, as this information helps me to design better classes and tutorials.

Thanks for reading all this (I tried to keep it short), and I look forward to seeing you all in class!

Tony Ross