Hey, campers!
We have recently partnered with tokidigital (more on tokidigital later) to make our HD & Premium tutorials available for purchase as digital downloads and will be beta testing until the end of August.

So what does this mean?

Well, the FREE tutorials you’ve come to know and love (and thanks for the love!) will still be available, and we will continue to produce them for FREE. The only difference is you now have the option of downloading an HD version of the tutorial at $2 each. For further clarification, allow me to get technical for a second:

Our free videos are in Flash Video format (flv) at a size of 640×360, or 360p. Our $2 HD downloads are in movie format (mov) at 1280×720, or 720p.

We also will begin releasing Premium Tutorials in HD, which are moderately priced at $5 to $15 each. There will not be a free version of the Premium Tutorial; however, from time to time we will be offering discount coupons.

These optional pay-tutorials will allow tonyteach.com to continue to function as an instructional service, without making ourselves a paid membership site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – When I purchased a tutorial, my credit card statement indicates the name tokidigital, not tonyteach.
A – Any purchase made from tonyteach is via PayPal and will show up on your credit card statements as tokidigital or toki digital files.

Q – Does tokidigital now own tonyteach?
A – Well, not exactly … however, the companies are related and supported by the same qualified and reliable professional staff.

Q – What if tokidigital wants to turn tonyteach into a paid membership site?
A – The companies are independent entities; which means this is a highly
unlikely scenario.

Q – How can you be certain?
A – Well, actually, I (Tony Ross) own both tonyteach and tokidigital.
No, I’m not having an identity crisis; I’m just a firm believer in putting your socks in the sock drawer. In short, tonyteach was not built to handle e-commerce or to deliver digital files securely, so we created a separate entity that could — tokidigital. Tokidigital also will handle the sales and pre-sales of our upcoming DVD series.

Also, just a thought . . . if you’d be interested in tonyteach doing any tutorials on e-commerce for individuals and small businesses, please leave your comments below.