How to Get a domain name : A Few Tips to Follow

domain name1. Keep the name, or phrase short and simple. If you were to say your domain name to someone in passing, would they remember it? examp.,, or

2. Beware of made up domain names. Sure, plizzleburt may sound cool, but do you have the marketing budget to get the name out on your target audience’s lips.
For example –
tonyteach: Hey dude, how do you spell that made up domain name??
Is it plizelburt, plizzleburt, or plizzlebert

dude: Actually, you heard it wrong, its fizzleburp

tonyteach: Uh, ok, so how do you spell that??

Do you see my point?

3. Short vs. Long. Try to keep your domain name under 30 characters, and if you must go over 30, there is a limit of 63 characters when registering domain names.
Think Ilovecabbage, or cabbagelover (12 characters) vs cabbageismyfavoritevegetable (112 characters).

4. Letters, numbers, and hyphens, Oh My… you cant use spaces in domain names, but hyphens and numbers are welcome. For instance, Anthony Ross (me btw) wanted, but it was taken, so he used his initials and a hyphen to do a play on the word artist, (my portfolio site).

5. Try combining two or three words that might not usually fit, but remain quite memorable. This is of course a lot easier if the domain name you are purchasing is for your personal use, or your small business vs. a client. Example: friedoatmeal may not work for your clients site for life insurance, but it would be an awesome domain for a site of country sayings and recipes.

6. When possible, I try to not have two of the letters back-to-back. Examples: filmmaker, riverraft.
(By the way, this is just my personal preference, it’s totally allowed).

7. Spell check BEFORE you buy. If you misspell your domain, all is not lost, if you catch it in time. Most domain registrars have a small window, 24-48 hours after purchase, to change the spelling of a domain, just contact them. After that, its yours to deal with (at least until it expires).

I hope this helps :)

btw, I buy my domains from Netfirms