Tonyteach is Migrating to a Membership Site?

Yes, we just used the “membership” word, but don’t panic, this is a good thing. Our new membership plan will not affect our free viewers one bit!
Well, actually it will, but in the best possible way.

Let me explain – The tonyteach site will continue to offer FREE tutorials every week. Actually, the number of FREE tutorials will be increased to nearly 6 to 8 videos each month. Our FREE tutorials are shown on tonyteach via our YouTube channel, and shown only in a standard resolution definition size, 640×360. The current tonyteach package now offers you the option of purchasing the HD version of each tutorial, 1280×720, for $2. With the new membership package, without having to sign up for anything, the HD versions of our FREE low res tutorials will be just $1 – a 50% savings! As an added bonus, non-members also will have the option to purchase any of our Premium tutorials** for just $3. Occasionally, these will be priced on sale at just $1 for non-members.

What do tonyteach members get? Once you sign up and log on to the tonyteach site, you’ll have access to download all of the HD versions of any of our FREE tutorials at no additional cost. And, as an additional membership benefit, you’ll also pay only $1 for Premium tutorials** instead of the regular cost of $3. Tonyteach members also will receive advance notifications of any DVD releases and “guest tutorials*.”

So, how much is a tonyteach membership going to cost you? Just $2.95 per month (yes, that’s about 9¢ a day). Of course, our low cost membership plan depends on the increasing level of support we get from our members, fans, students and guest visitors– the more people that know about tonyteach, the better able we are to keep our prices this low. So, come on campers, spread the word!

*The cost of “guest tutorials” in HD is $2 for members and non-members, as 100% of these monies go toward compensating our guest instructors.

**Our premium tutorials are tutorials that cover a lot of ground with their topic, and usually have more than 15 min of instruction.