Here’s a quick tutorial on how to turn on “focus on Mouse Enter” in Toon Boom Animate, as well as use z-depth to bring items to the foreground.

Also, our second Toon Boom Animate DVD is available for pre-purchase:
Anatomy of a 30sec Short Vol.2, click here to purchase

In this DVD we take you step by step on how each part of the animation was done, from animatics, to head turns and eye blinks, animating the time elements like the clock, calendar, and hour glass, and last but not least creating cut out puppets.

The DVD will release in October 2012 for $25, but we are now taking preorders, for just $15. We will keep this price until the DVDs release in October


For the first 100 orders, we have an instant bonus download of the 1st tutorial & puppet in our Toon Boom Animate Series, Animating Robots, featuring the artwork of illustrator Chris Cartledge.