Toon Boom Animate: Simple Bug or Insect Walk Cycle [PREMIUM]

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Insect Walk Cycle

In this tutorial, we show a simple insect walk cycle using Toon Boom Animate. This is based on a tutorial of a beetle walk cycle in the book Tezuka School of Animation, Volume 2 – Animals in Motion.


Toon Boom Animate: Pencil Animation Tutorial

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comIn this pencil animation tutorial, we show an animated pencil drawing a curvy line. Topics covered are Masking, motion tweens, paint bucket fill techniques.


“Beaver” Cola?? Are You Serious?!?!

Why Beaver Cola?,

Okay, we’ve had a couple of questions about the subject of our commercial, Beaver Cola, for the DVD, “Anatomy of a 30-second Short.”

Some people look at the name and assume we’re doing it as a double-entendre gag. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Since the software I am using Toon Boom Animate is marketed for professionals, IMHO I felt we could go a little more risque with subject and script, aka “You bet my sweet ass it’s good”. If we were using Toon Boom Studio, which sometimes has a much younger audience, I would have gone more age appropriate.

The original idea for our 30-second short was to develop a commercial about two guys in a bar arguing that Sean Connery could easily replace Samuel L. Jackson in any of Jackson’s movies. We would then cut to parody movie scenes inspired by “Pulp Fiction,” “Snakes on a Plane”, etc., with our satirical versions . . . “Connery Fiction,” “Connery on a Plane,” and so on.

So, why Beaver Cola?

When we came across an article in Men’s Health Magazine (Rodale Publishing), “The 15 Grossest Things You’re Eating,” #7 immediately caught our attention and changed the entire direction of our campaign trying to focus on better natural products and drinks like Patriot greens. It was castoreum, the juice from a male beaver’s anal gland. For the past 80 years it’s been used as an additive in cigarettes, perfumes and, yes, food […]

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Toon Boom Animate: Creating “Avatar…Airbender” styled eyes

OK, BEFORE I get any hate mail, this tutorial is NOT how to draw the eyes from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender – More specifically, it is simply a tutorial on one way to COLOR eyes as they did in the series. 🙂

This simple technique really pushes a believable wet, glared, eye feel. I hope you enjoy this, please share, post, retweet, and leave comments.

Animation Army of One

Beaver Cola: Anatomy of a 30sec ShortBeaver Cola UPDATE: So one part of the creative process that few people talk about – What to do when ALL of your like-minded, creative, individuals cancel on you hours before helping you work on a project. Bottom line, don’t expect the worst, but you do need to plan for it. Remember, the one person that HAS TO show up to your events, is you – so be there, mind, body, and spirit.

That being said, one of my favorite musicians is Prince – but very few people know why. One of the first albums (yes albums) I saw of his was “1999“. In the credits was written “All songs written, arranged, produced, and performed by Prince.”

Creative people are often busy, creative volunteers are even busier – Ship happens, but always be prepared to pilot your boat with, or without a crew.

So in closing, this has added another chapter to our DVD, depending on my mood, and graphic designer, it will be called “Do it Your Damn Self”, or “Animation Army of One.”

OK, I’m off of my soapbox now, got work to do.

I will be posting storyboard pics later today.

Beaver Cola: Voice Recording BTS

Here is an excerpt from tonyteach’s upcoming DVD, Anatomy of a 30 second Short (aka Beaver Cola) In this excerpt, I am working with voice artist Demarcus Hill, and also discussing the feel of music we’ll need. I also make a rare, cameo appearance on camera 🙂 Order your DVD now @


Thanks Tony Ross,

Toon Boom Animate: Wine Thief [PREMIUM TUTORIAL]

Hey Campers, in this premium tutorial, Wine Thief, I spend 50mins showing different techniques I use in Toon Boom Animate. Covered are drawing tricks I use, paint & fill tricks, creating symbols, drawing substitutions, and last but not least, animation tips.

We are releasing the first 50 downloads for $1, after that the price will be $3. […]

Get Tonyteach’s Toon Boom Animate DVD for $1???

Hey Campers, my NEW DVD Anatomy of a 30sec Short: Creating Animation from Concept to Finish (using Toon Boom Animate), aka Beaver Cola, has just launched on Indie GoGo! You can pre-order the 3+ hour download for just $1 !!