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Anatomy of a 30 Second Short DVDUPDATE: Busy week here in Tonyteach world, with lots of exciting things lining up, but we can’t spill the beans just yet. : )

We are working away on setting up the Toon Boom Animate DVD: Anatomy of a 30-second Short – Animation from Thought to Finish Pre-orders on Indie GoGo. The date to place your pre-orders has been moved to this Friday, February 17th.

To create a successful story, in companies similar to, you should be able to explain it in a single sentence. Example: Geeky teenager gets bitten by radioactive spider, and gains super hero powers.

With this in mind, we are announcing today the title and summary of our upcoming Toon Boom Animate DVD: Anatomy of a 30-second Short – Animation from Thought to Finish…

Beaver Cola:
A soda company markets its product based on the fact that the primary ingredient in their beverage comes from the business end of a beaver.

By the way, the Beaver Cola company is a parody, but the ingredient “castoreum” is very real.

The DVD will show everything from the initial pitch, creating the piece in Toon Boom Animate, to the final 30 second short. We will be taking pre-orders via raising funds on Indie GoGo starting February 17. Our goal is to raise at least $1000, and the rewards will include being able to pre-purchase the entire DVD as a download for just $1! (limited to first 600 backers). The DVD will release March 30, 2012.

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Toon Boom Animate: Forward Walk Cycle [PREMIUM TUTORIAL]

A walk cycle? With no legs??

In this premium Toon Boom Animate tutorial, we create a forward walk-cycle (no legs involved).

This tutorial is based on anime and old-school limited animation, like Scooby Doo. Whenever you would see a character walking toward the camera, they would only be shown from the waist up. This was used as an option, when time and budget were tight, as it takes longer to create a convincing forward walk cycle when the legs are visible.

This Premium tutorial is 26 min long, and normally priced at $2.95, but for a limited time, you can get this for just $1.

View the trailer:

All the best-
Tony Ross

Toon Boom Animate: Pose to Pose Animation

This Toon Boom Animate tutorial is a simple pose-to-pose animation exercise of a stick falling over. Traditional animation terms are covered like keyframes, breakdowns, and tweens. There are two examples, showing a diference between animation, and motion graphics. Enjoy.


Multiplane Animation w/ a Wiggle

This tutorial uses Toon Boom Animate to create a multiplane landscape, in addition shows how to creating a wiggly line effect.

Stairs Walk Cycle pt2

Here is part 2 of how to animate a character walking up stairs in Toon Boom Animate. This tutorial covers basic rigging, motion tweens, z-depth, and patches. 13 minutes/31.4MB… be patient while loading :)

Stairs Walk Cycle pt1

Here is part 1 of how to animate a character walking up stairs in Toon Boom Animate. This tutorial covers basic rigging and motion tweens. 16 minutes/37.2MB… be patient while loading :)

Create Classic Cartoon Eyes in Animate

Here is a basic Toon Boom Animate tutorial to animate cartoon eyes w/ a blink. This tutorial covers palette creation, drawing substitution, and manipulating basic shapes vs drawing them freehand. Also covered is how to proactively avoid paint fill problems.
32 minutes/71.9MB… be patient while loading 🙂

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No More Animating in Flash!

Okay, for those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve stopped using Flash for animation. Before I explain why, allow me to be clear—I haven’t stopped using Flash for other projects (web design, motion comics, etc.), I just no longer animate with it.

For animation, I switched over to a product from Toon Boom called Animate – right out of the box, Animate does things for my animation work flow that Flash only can do with plug-ins, and, in some cases not well, or not at all.

Though I’m sure there are other advantages for animators to switch from Flash to Toon Boom, for me and my workflow, there are three reasons worth mentioning – character rigging, a true 3D camera, and automated lip sync. If you are into website designing as well I strongly recommend seeing this list of website platforms that contains a lot of tools for developing good sites!

Character Rigging
Flash CS4 did add the Bone tool, however, Animate’s IK system, IMHO. is a much better solution. Cartoon Smart did an awesome comparison of the two here.

Flash, to date, has no camera of its own unless you know how to “fake” one or program one using Actionscript. Though I can’t talk about Flash’s lack of camera without mentioning V-Cam. V-Cam is a free movie clip that creates a pseudo-camera for Flash. However, when compared to Animate’s True Space camera, V-Cam lacks Z-depth and the ability to create multiplane scenes.

All of this can be faked in Flash (trust me, I’ve done a few), but having the ability to create camera moves in minutes by […]