Want to Get Our HD downloads for a Year?

Hey this is Tony Ross for, and first and foremost I want to thank everyone for helping support our project Anatomy of a 30second short, aka Beaver Cola. We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback, and we do appreciate it.

We only have a few days left on the campaign, and currently we are just shy of making $300 towards our initial goal of $1000.
That being said, we have decided to add a $5 perk. Now don’t panic, anyone who has pledged $5 or above will automatically get this perk.

So what’s the perk?

Well we’ve been working on a membership level at

At tonyteach, we show all of our FREE tutorials at a low resolution of 640×360, but we also give you the option of downloading the 1280×720 HD version for as low as $1.

Our new membership level will allow users to download the HD versions of our FREE tutorials for just $2.95 per month. We try and release at least 6 tutorials per month, so that’s about a 50% savings.

Now, back to the perk

If you donate just $5 or above, we will give you tonyteach’s HD membership access for a full year! Now the regular $2.95 per month rounds out to about $35 – so at $5 for a year?? That’s over an 80% discount!!

We are limiting this perk to the first 150 people that sign up for it, as that will give us enough funds to meet our $1000 goal

CLICK HERE to get our HD Downloads for […]

Beaver Cola: Voice Recording BTS

Here is an excerpt from tonyteach’s upcoming DVD, Anatomy of a 30 second Short (aka Beaver Cola) In this excerpt, I am working with voice artist Demarcus Hill, and also discussing the feel of music we’ll need. I also make a rare, cameo appearance on camera 🙂 Order your DVD now @


Thanks Tony Ross,

SEO Premium Tutorial in the Works

Hey Campers, wanted to give a quick shout out and heads up that new tutorials are on the way, and some new categories as well, we are now helping you Getting indexed by Google in and efficient and faster way. However, if its something urgent I suggest you to get a consult with an SEO Specialist and even with a Google expert to begin as soon as possible. In the mean time,please enjoy the Squidoo Lens we put together for our sister company, Salsaholica. Its called the Traffic Light Special, a habanero salsa recipe.
habanero salsa recipe

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Tonyteach partners with Toki Digital

Hey, campers!
We have recently partnered with tokidigital (more on tokidigital later) to make our HD & Premium tutorials available for purchase as digital downloads and will be beta testing until the end of August.

So what does this mean?

Well, the FREE tutorials you’ve come to know and love (and thanks for the love!) will still be available, and we will continue to produce them for FREE. The only difference is you now have the option of downloading an HD version of the tutorial at $2 each. For further clarification, allow me to get technical for a second:

Our free videos are in Flash Video format (flv) at a size of 640×360, or 360p. Our $2 HD downloads are in movie format (mov) at 1280×720, or 720p.

We also will begin releasing Premium Tutorials in HD, which are moderately priced at $5 to $15 each. There will not be a free version of the Premium Tutorial; however, from time to time we will be offering discount coupons.

These optional pay-tutorials will allow to continue to function as an instructional service, without making ourselves a paid membership site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – When I purchased a tutorial, my credit card statement indicates the name tokidigital, not tonyteach.
A – Any purchase made from tonyteach is via PayPal and will show up on your credit card statements as tokidigital or toki digital files.

Q – Does tokidigital now own tonyteach?
A – Well, not exactly … however, the companies are related and supported by the same qualified and reliable professional staff.

Q – What if tokidigital wants to turn tonyteach into a paid membership site?
A – The companies are independent entities; which means this is a highly
unlikely […]

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FREE Bobby Chiu digital painting tutorial!

Ok, for those of you who don’t know I am a HUGE Bobby Chiu fan! I have been following his work and career since I first saw his “Big, Bad, Bunny Eater” in ImagineFX magazine. Anyway, he has plenty of Youtube videos out there, and if you are looking for some AWESOME inspiration, listen to what he is saying during the video. He has never really taught technique on these videos, and instead saves it for students who take his classes at the online school he helped create,… until now. He has released a FREE tutorial on his other brainchild of a site Sign up to be a member of Sketchoholic (also FREE) and watch his 76min demo “Designing Creatures for Live Action Films”.
By the way, what does Bobby Chiu know about the subject?? he worked as a Character Designer on this low-budget flick with this Tim Burton dude, I think it was called Alice in Wonderland, lol.

On a side note, I got this video from my good friend Marcus, meeting Bobby at a show last year. You can see how cool Bobby really is, enjoy.

New Flash Animated Commercial

Hey Campers, here is a look at the first commercial that one of my brainchildren, STUDIO 11D12, is doing for local cable in Atlanta.

writing, directing, & animation: Tony Ross

character design & animation: Lamont Russ

All Voices : Demarcus Hill

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Short Break per “Baby Izzy”

So, I had planned on catching up on some over due tutorials this past weekend… However, my first-born had other plans (showing up 30 days early).
Born November 1st, 10:23 pm EST, meet my daughter, Isabella Danielle Ross “Izzy-D” for short. I will return to tutorials soon… she is just too cute to ignore 🙂

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David Allen : Getting Things Done

Hey Campers – Ran across a YouTube video from a guy who’s book I’m reading. The guy, David Allen, the book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Check it out!

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