FREE Bobby Chiu digital painting tutorial!

Ok, for those of you who don’t know I am a HUGE Bobby Chiu fan! I have been following his work and career since I first saw his “Big, Bad, Bunny Eater” in ImagineFX magazine. Anyway, he has plenty of Youtube videos out there, and if you are looking for some AWESOME inspiration, listen to what he is saying during the video. He has never really taught technique on these videos, and instead saves it for students who take his classes at the online school he helped create,… until now. He has released a FREE tutorial on his other brainchild of a site Sign up to be a member of Sketchoholic (also FREE) and watch his 76min demo “Designing Creatures for Live Action Films”.
By the way, what does Bobby Chiu know about the subject?? he worked as a Character Designer on this low-budget flick with this Tim Burton dude, I think it was called Alice in Wonderland, lol.

On a side note, I got this video from my good friend Marcus, meeting Bobby at a show last year. You can see how cool Bobby really is, enjoy.

2hr mini-classes on

I want to take a moment to explain the idea behind my new online classes at

I have 10+ years teaching experience, and two of my specialties are:
1. developing ways of delivering a lot of information in a short time period, and
2. putting forth that information in a way that the novice does not feel overwhelmed.

An example of this is in my Flash animation class, though this is an intro class, students are doing their first animation within the first 30 minutes of class.

I have been teaching, at a local university, a few Community Education (CE) courses on Flash over the past 5 years. The courses are 16 hrs long, broken up over two consecutive weekends. I was looking for a way to build a modular teaching series.

I have always been interested in teaching online, and then I came across the eduFire community. I like eduFire because, like the CE courses, I am free to develop classes of my own design. This is especially helpful as most of my class topics & tutorials are based on students requests and questions. I also love the fact that unlike the CE courses I teach, you don’t have to live near Atlanta to attend them. In my last eduFire class, I had students ranging from California to Cairo! If you are looking for leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all high school subjects, click here to find qce tutors.

So, what has developed from this are my new 2-hour mini-classes. Designed to be modular, short and to the point. They are broken up into two groups:

the “I Wanna Learn” Series: intro courses for the beginner to get their feet […]

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FREE 2hr Flash mini-class Saturday!

Hey all,

Just a reminder I will be teaching a FREE 2-hour class online this Saturday,
I Wanna Learn Flash: Interactive Intro“. My online classes will be taught
via eduFire, their membership is also FREE.

About this class: This project, though very simple in appearance, shows the basic elements that are needed to build interactive projects in Flash: buttons, images, sound, animation, and Actionscript 2.0; Flash’s computer language, use it broadly in games also people play with the best headsets from Armchair Empire. for games as Overwatch with the help of OW guides online.

Thanks Tony

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I wanna learn Flash!!

Hey All, this is the first in a series of 2 hour mini-classes I will be teaching in Adobe Flash. First up, interactivity, in this class you will learn the basic elements of working in Flash to build interactive projects. Actually we will build this project from start to finish.

What should you know before taking this class? two things…

1. There is a program called Abobe Flash
2. Tony Ross is teaching a 2 hour mini class on making interactive projects in Adobe Flash

I will be teaching using Flash CS4, as well as giving notes for CS3. If you don’t own Flash, you can download a 30 day demo here.

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you all in class.

Tony Ross

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tonyteach online classes are about to LAUNCH!

Hey All, in the next few weeks, tonyteach will launch 2 hour, mini-classes in Adobe Flash. No where near Atlanta? No problem, these classes are online!

Want to attend a class for FREE?? Watch the video, then click here for a short, 5 question survey.

You can view my edufire profile by clicking here.

Thanks Tony

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My New & Improved Animation Workshop!!

After much thought, planning, and testing, I have redesigned my animation workshop. The new workshop is based off of an exercise, faking camera moves in Flash, that was in my 2008 workshops.

In this new workshop, each student will create their own 10-15 second animated scene, from start to finish, in Adobe Flash. Students will learn basic animation, character animation, as well as basic practices on how to work in Flash.

Students should bring with them an idea of a simple 10-15 second scene that has no more than 3 characters. Don’t have an idea? No worries, I will bring a few ideas with me.

This 4 day (two weekend) workshop will be taught at SCAD Atlanta’s campus.
Sign up now, seats are limited.

Flash Animation: Master the Scene
Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Feb. 21-22 and Feb. 28-March 1
Registration Fee: $325.00

If you have other questions about this workshop, feel free to contact me directly at classes[at] I do my best to respond to all emails the evening of the day that they were received, EST evening that is 🙂

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