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Basic Straight Ahead Animation

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comBasic Straight Ahead Animation in Toon Boom Animate. Hey Campers, I just did a quick tutorial on how I introduce animation to beginners, simple dots moving via straight on, or straight-ahead animation. I have a couple of shameless plugs at the beginning, but the bulk is the tutorial which was made with Toon Boom Animate. Enjoy […]

Stop Motion Keyframes in Toon Boom Animate

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comUsing Stop Motion Keyframes in Toon Boom Animate. A buddy of mine commented on my work and said I tween a HELL of a lot… Guilty as charged, but Toon Boom handles tweening SO well!!! Anyway, here is a tutorial showing a simple arm, throwing a ball using stop motion keyframes, and drawing substitutions.


Toon Boom Animate tutorial: Using Z-depth

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to turn on “focus on Mouse Enter” in Toon Boom Animate, as well as use z-depth to bring items to the foreground.

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In this DVD we take you step by step on how each part of the animation was done, from animatics, to head turns and eye blinks, animating the time elements like the clock, calendar, and hour glass, and last but not least creating cut out puppets. […]

Toon Boom Animate: Animate a Fish Tutorial

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comAnimate a fish using Toon Boom Animate. In this fish animation tutorial, we show simple, textured, fish swimming. Topics covered are pivot points, textures, paint bucket fill techniques, as well as how to create a seamless texture using Photoshop.


Toon Boom Animate: Pencil Animation Tutorial

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comIn this pencil animation tutorial, we show an animated pencil drawing a curvy line. Topics covered are Masking, motion tweens, paint bucket fill techniques.


Toon Boom Animate: Creating “Avatar…Airbender” styled eyes

OK, BEFORE I get any hate mail, this tutorial is NOT how to draw the eyes from the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender – More specifically, it is simply a tutorial on one way to COLOR eyes as they did in the series. :)

This simple technique really pushes a believable wet, glared, eye feel. I hope you enjoy this, please share, post, retweet, and leave comments.

Toon Boom Animate: Pose to Pose : Blobs

This Toon Boom Animate tutorial is a simple pose-to-pose animation exercise of a blob splitting off a baby blob. Traditional animation terms are covered like keyframes, breakdowns, and tweens. This tutorial, like the stick tutorial plays with idea of a basic way counting when animating – instead of 1-2-3-4-5, for this pose to pose exercise you count 1-5-3-2-4… watch the video, you’ll catch on. Enjoy.

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Toon Boom Animate: Pose to Pose Animation

This Toon Boom Animate tutorial is a simple pose-to-pose animation exercise of a stick falling over. Traditional animation terms are covered like keyframes, breakdowns, and tweens. There are two examples, showing a diference between animation, and motion graphics. Enjoy.


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