How to Learn Flash: Simple Interactive Pencil

How to Learn Flash

How to Learn Flash
How to Learn Flash
, now available on Amazon, is a series of Flash tutorials for beginners that walks you through the basic production pipeline of creating Flash projects without making you pull your hair out. We are realeasing these on Amazon Kindle. In this first exercise, Simple Interactive Pencil, you will create a basic project: a pencil that when clicked, draws a straight line.

This first project in the series, though very simple in appearance, shows the basic elements that are needed to build interactive projects in Flash: drawing, creating and naming layers, creating symbols, button states, importing images & sound, motion & shape tweens, animation, and Actionscript (Flash’s computer language).

I have had over 10 years of experience in teaching and using Flash, and I wanted to create a series of tutorials for all of those who were curious about learning flash, but weren’t quite sure what was involved. This series of lessons has been adapted from classes I have taught to beginners who were just learning flash.

We at tonyteach believe that learning flash, or anything for that matter, shouldn’t be difficult or expensive, and our goal is to pack as many tips, tricks, and techniques into a single, simple, cost-effective project.

With that in mind, the How to Learn Flash series is designed for a skill level of novice to beginner. This first project, Simple Interactive Pencil, should take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

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Animating Classic Cartoon Eyes in Flash

Here is a basic Flash tutorial to animate cartoon eyes w/ a blink. This tutorial uses Graphic symbols set to Single Frame. I’m using CS4, but this technique is doable in earlier versions of Flash as well, (even before any CS version).
19 minutes/54.5MB… be patient while loading 🙂

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Create a Simple Drop-Menu in Flash

Here is a video tutorial on how to create a simple drop menu in Flash. Subjects covered are button states, invisible buttons, movieclips, and Actionscript 3.
18:16 minutes/40.8MB… be patient while loading 🙂

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Customize Your Flash CS4 Workspace

I get a lot of questions on how I have my Flash workspace set up. Well, it’s customized. Here is a short beginners tutorial to show you how you can customize your own workspace.
You can also follow these steps for Photoshop and Illustrator CS4.

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New Tutorial on GoMediazine!

Hey Campers, hope all is well with you. I have a new tutorial on Gomediazine, a Flash file with a simple, yet eye-catching effect — a black & white photo with full-color rollovers. This is the first in a multi-part tutorial. Check it out!
I wanna send a shout-out, and special thank you to the band Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun for the use of their photo.

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2hr mini-classes on

I want to take a moment to explain the idea behind my new online classes at

I have 10+ years teaching experience, and two of my specialties are:
1. developing ways of delivering a lot of information in a short time period, and
2. putting forth that information in a way that the novice does not feel overwhelmed.

An example of this is in my Flash animation class, though this is an intro class, students are doing their first animation within the first 30 minutes of class.

I have been teaching, at a local university, a few Community Education (CE) courses on Flash over the past 5 years. The courses are 16 hrs long, broken up over two consecutive weekends. I was looking for a way to build a modular teaching series.

I have always been interested in teaching online, and then I came across the eduFire community. I like eduFire because, like the CE courses, I am free to develop classes of my own design. This is especially helpful as most of my class topics & tutorials are based on students requests and questions. I also love the fact that unlike the CE courses I teach, you don’t have to live near Atlanta to attend them. In my last eduFire class, I had students ranging from California to Cairo! If you are looking for leading tutoring agency offering private lessons in all high school subjects, click here to find qce tutors.

So, what has developed from this are my new 2-hour mini-classes. Designed to be modular, short and to the point. They are broken up into two groups:

the “I Wanna Learn” Series: intro courses for the beginner to get their feet […]

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AS3 Tutorial: Colors… again

So after viewing my tutorial, Build A Basic Site Using AS3 in Flash, over on Creative COW, Tom Whaley had the following to ask:
I’m making an interactive color chart that has a square inside a square. I want to be able to change the color of both squares individually. How can I change them separately?

Well Tom, this tut’s for you, NOW w/ cleaner AS3! (well, at least different) enjoy – Tony

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Flash Plays Well with Others | pt 1 | Quicktime

Hey All, this is the first part in my new tutorial series, Flash plays well with others. Flash is awesome in that it can work and integrate with other software applications.

First up, Quicktime, as in how to export to Quicktime from Flash. Enjoy, leave comments, and feedback, and stuff.

This tutorial is also featured at

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