AS3 Tutorial: Colors… again

So after viewing my tutorial, Build A Basic Site Using AS3 in Flash, over on Creative COW, Tom Whaley had the following to ask:
I’m making an interactive color chart that has a square inside a square. I want to be able to change the color of both squares individually. How can I change them separately?

Well Tom, this tut’s for you, NOW w/ cleaner AS3! (well, at least different) enjoy – Tony

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Flash Plays Well with Others | pt 1 | Quicktime

Hey All, this is the first part in my new tutorial series, Flash plays well with others. Flash is awesome in that it can work and integrate with other software applications.

First up, Quicktime, as in how to export to Quicktime from Flash. Enjoy, leave comments, and feedback, and stuff.

This tutorial is also featured at

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Podcast Win!

Glory to GOD in the highest, and on Earth, Flash!

Hey all. So, I just found out that my Flash podcasts from Creative COW are not only in iTunes top 100 Technology/Software How-To section; they are now in the top 10!

I am honored and truly blessed that I get to share my greatest passion, teaching. I am also overwhelmingly humbled that people like the tutorials I do—thanks to all the viewers who’ve gotten me this far.

Though I realize my rating on iTunes is in no way an award, I have a thank you speech anyway.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank God. With any task, be it a tutorial, new software, or life in general, I stand on one scripture:
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. James 1:5

I’d like to thank my wife, Lakia, who believes in me, usually more than I do myself. To my COW family, Ron, Kathlyn, Tim, Nora, and Abraham, your support has been awesome.

Last, but not least, I want to send a shout-out to the teachers whom my teaching style is based on:
Aharon Rabinowitz and Andrew Kramer for voice, cadence, and simplicity of instructions.
Alton Brown of Food Network, explains not only the how, but the why, and it is always wrapped in humor.

My pastor, Creflo Dollar, who takes the complex subject of the Bible and […]

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tonyteach goes mooooo!

Some of you may have noticed my tutorials have been a little slow posting as of late. Well I can now explain the delay. Around mid-December I sent an email to Creative COW asking to host a show on working in Flash. When I went back later that day to check my email, expecting the normal “auto-responder”, I was shocked to find an actual email from the publishers of Creative COW. Even more shocking was they had seen my work and had been meaning to contact me. So I have been a little busy building and re-working some new tutorials for the COW.

The first one is up now, a basic tutorial of a pencil drawing a straight line, with an intermediate pencil tutorial to follow. Following that will be a series of Optical Illusions, and last but not least the 3 part rainy Cityscape. I will be also reworking my site, I’ve already added a tutorial request section (look to your right).

I will end this post by saying that the day I sent the email to Creative Cow, I had just finished telling one of my former students to simply “Take a chance, what’s the worst that can happen”. I followed my own advice that day, and now I give it to you.

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Tutorials :: Motion Tweens :: Seamless 360

Here is a lesson on seamless rotations in Flash, from the animation section of the book. This is an example of using Motion Tweens, and rotation options in the Property Inspector.

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Tonyteach :: Tweens :: Seamless 360
5:49 | 10.9 MB

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New tutorial in the works

Hey Kids, new 3 part tutorial coming soon:
1. Seamless Background Loops
2. Multiplane Backgrounds
3. And last but not least, PiNGing in the Rain!

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Flash :: Drawing Tutorial :: Spiderweb

Well kids, it’s that time of year, yep Spiderman 3 on DVD…and Halloween! So it’s time to let your Geek and/or Freak-Flag-Fly by creating a spiderweb in Flash.

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Tonyteach :: Drawing :: line tool spiderweb
Flash :: Drawing :: Spiderweb

3:45 | 5.2 MB

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Fast Cast 02 :: brush tool & zooming

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Fast Cast 02 explains in 60 seconds a trick to change brush sizes in Flash using a combination of the paint brush tool, and zooming. For added stroke variance I am using a Wacom Graphire.

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Tonyteach :: Fast Cast :: paint bucket fill gaps
Fast Cast 02 :: brush tool & zooming

1:00 | 1.1 MB

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