FOUR is four letters : a vampire novella


FOUR is four letters: a vampire novella

FOUR is four letters is a short novella from Vampire Novella – an exercise in the fear of what hides from us in plain site. Unlike other sinister numbers of note, your 13’s and triple 6’s, 4 bides its time, and strikes seemingly at moments when its the most ignored. The aftermath of which is usually so grotesque and horrific everyone overlooks what the evidence clearly points to the entire event can be traced back to a basic cycle of fours. This particular novella, though based in the vampire genre, can also be a treat for the average arithmomaniac.

A Cycle of FOUR

Four cars crash at a 4-way stop, no one is hurt, information is exchanged, and this occurrence is all but a memory save for a cell phone snapshot shared on a “fail blog” apparently one of them had a flat tire already and the driver didn’t fix it because he had no 80 Gallon air compressor to do it. Few will notice that this was at the intersection of 4th and Maple – even fewer will notice the snapshot was taken at 4:00. Few will notice because 4 hours later, 4 blocks away, a 4-bedroom house will catch fire, and there will be no survivors. four will loose their lives. This is a cycle of four.

4 and vampires

novellaFOUR is four letters is the first in a series of novellas from Vampire Novella. Though it is true, vampires are in no way governed by the cycle of 4, they do take advantage of the opportunities when […]

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Online Tutorial “Creating Websites Made Easy” Hits Market

ATLANTA, GA – The latest addition to the rapidly growing arsenal of tonyteach™ tutorial DVDs, “Creating Websites Made Easy,” hits the market as a simple, step-by-step and low cost approach to help beginners learn how to create websites. Tony Ross, founder and owner of tonyteach.com and ar-tist.com, launches this new online tutorial as an easy, step-by-step, learning solution to help novices develop and operate their own free websites.

Creating Websites Made Easy” is a self-paced, online study program contains 12 hours of information and instructions in easy- to- follow video and PDF formats with no coding involved. The program, which focuses on creating a website, Website design, online video, e-commerce and social media, is designed to help attract visitors to your website, increase your audience and, ultimately, help you make money as you promote your products, services and intellectual content online in an effective, easy and efficient way.

Officially entering the marketplace Monday, June 18, 2012, “Creating Websites Made Easy” is now available for only $49 to the first 100 students—“early bird” pricing at a fraction of the cost of traditional college classes, continuing ed seminars, or technical school instruction. Regular pricing, which remains low cost, is just $99 for the next 200 online students. The online tutorial class, “Creating Websites…” is limited to a maximum number of 300 students.

With more than a decade of teaching and freelance experience, Ross, is a former professor of electronic arts at the Atlanta College of Art (ACA) and has taught courses in website design, interactive design, animation and motion graphics at the Savannah College of Art […]

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Get this Adobe Premiere Video Editing Course, FREE!


If you have been looking to Learn How to Edit Video, look no further! In this simple 10 lesson course, I’ll show you the basics of editing video in Adobe Premiere! This course is both beginner & novice friendly, even if you’ve never tried to edit video before.

I’ve used, and taught Adobe Premiere for over 10 years, and in that time, I have found some time saving tips and tricks that are all very beginner friendly!

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What you’ll learn:

Setting IN & OUT Points • How to Create Titles • Make Video Transitions between clips • How to Style & Color Correct Video• How to Create Watermarks & Lower 3rds • Learn Basic Editing • How to change the Speed & Duration of a video• How to Edit Audio • Learn to Edit Your Video to Music • Best Practices for Exporting Movies, AND MORE!

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Stop Motion Keyframes in Toon Boom Animate

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comUsing Stop Motion Keyframes in Toon Boom Animate. A buddy of mine commented on my work and said I tween a HELL of a lot… Guilty as charged, but Toon Boom handles tweening SO well!!! Anyway, here is a tutorial showing a simple arm, throwing a ball using stop motion keyframes, and drawing substitutions.


Toon Boom Animate: Pencil Animation Tutorial

Free Tutorial - Tonyteach.comIn this pencil animation tutorial, we show an animated pencil drawing a curvy line. Topics covered are Masking, motion tweens, paint bucket fill techniques.


Tonyteach is Migrating to a Membership Site?

Tonyteach is Migrating to a Membership Site?

Yes, we just used the “membership” word, but don’t panic, this is a good thing. Our new membership plan will not affect our free viewers one bit!
Well, actually it will, but in the best possible way.

Let me explain – The tonyteach site will continue to offer FREE tutorials every week. Actually, the number of FREE tutorials will be increased to nearly 6 to 8 videos each month. Our FREE tutorials are shown on tonyteach via our YouTube channel, and shown only in a standard resolution definition size, 640×360. The current tonyteach package now offers you the option of purchasing the HD version of each tutorial, 1280×720, for $2. With the new membership package, without having to sign up for anything, the HD versions of our FREE low res tutorials will be just $1 – a 50% savings! As an added bonus, non-members also will have the option to purchase any of our Premium tutorials** for just $3. Occasionally, these will be priced on sale at just $1 for non-members.

What do tonyteach members get? Once you sign up and log on to the tonyteach site, you’ll have access to download all of the HD versions of any of our FREE tutorials at no additional cost. And, as an additional membership benefit, you’ll also pay only $1 for Premium tutorials** instead of the regular cost of $3. Tonyteach members also will receive advance notifications of any DVD releases and “guest tutorials*.”

So, how much is a tonyteach membership going to cost you? Just $2.95 per month (yes, that’s about 9¢ a day). Of course, our low cost membership plan depends on the […]

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