Anatomy of a 30sec Short: Camper- Intergalactic Bounty Hunter [BETAv1]

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  • Character Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony

Anatomy of a 30sec Short: Camper- Intergalactic Bounty Hunter [BETAv1]

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Anatomy of a 30sec Short: Camper- Intergalactic Bounty Hunter [BETAv1]

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn the intricacies of Character Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony, here’s your chance to learn—at your own pace. Designed for beginners and intermediate users, this step-by-step video tutorial features character rigging and background setup that can be done in Toon Boom Harmony Essentials, Advanced or Premium.

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Product Description

Anatomy of a 30sec Short vol.3, walks you through each phase of the production of an animated short. For this training, we are doing a mock movie scene for our character Camper – the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter.

In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Create, and animate your own 2D digital puppet!
  • Learn 3 types of Character Rigging (Hinged, Bone Deformer, Curve Deformer)
  • Make your scenes look complex, by using simple camera moves.
  • Make your characters talk, using Toon Boom’s automatic lip-sync
  • Plan out scenes & Character Designs
    and much, much more!

Traditional animators, studio animators, animation students, game developers, and hobbyists can learn how to rig their characters and use bone and curve deform tools in Toon Boom Harmony from Tony Ross, founder and principal of the tutorial powerhouse,

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