How to Animate Rain in Toon Boom Harmony 12

  • Animate Rain in Toon Boom Harmony 12

How to Animate Rain in Toon Boom Harmony 12

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How to Animate Rain in Toon Boom Harmony 12
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to animate rain in Toon Boom Harmony, without using particles!

If you saw our live webinar…”Make it Rain in Toon Boom Harmony” , this premium tutorial goes into more details on how to create your own rainy scene.
The lessons were recorded in HD, and were divided into 10, easy to follow parts.

This tutorial was recorded using Harmony Essentials 12, and includes all support files (photoshop documents, sound files, and Harmony files.)

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Product Description

• Learn to navigate Harmony’s interface
• How to easily import assets from Photoshop
• Create cycles and Drawing Substitutions
• How to set up characters and backgrounds using the Z-axis
• Learn how to set up, and animate Harmony’s POWERFUL camera
• and how to add sound to your scene
…we’ll learn all of this, and more, all while animating a beautiful rainy cityscape!

Never used Toon Boom Harmony before?
No worries, this tutorial is “beginner friendly”… even if you only know Flash, or Toon Boom Studio… or even if you’re just starting out in animation!
At tonyteach, our trainings, and tutorials specialize in making the most complex software, easy to learn!

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