Learn to Edit Video w/ Adobe Premiere Pro in 10 Easy Lessons! [BETA]

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Learn to Edit Video w/ Adobe Premiere Pro in 10 Easy Lessons! [BETA]


If you have been looking to Learn How to Edit Video, look no further! In this simple 10 lesson course, I’ll show you the basics of editing video in Adobe Premiere! This course is both beginner & novice friendly, even if you’ve never tried to edit video before.
I’ve used, and taught Adobe Premiere for over 10 years, and in that time, I have found some time saving tips and tricks that are all very beginner friendly!

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Product Description

What you’ll learn:
Setting IN & OUT Points • How to Create Titles • Make Video Transitions between clips • How to Style & Color Correct Video• How to Create Watermarks & Lower 3rds • Learn Basic Editing techniques & setting IN and OUT points • How to change the Speed & Duration of a video• How to Edit Audio • Learn to Edit Your Video to Music • Best Practices for Exporting Movies, AND MORE!

Who is this course for?
Students, teachers, bloggers, Youtubers, hobbyists, wedding photographers, film makers, and anyone looking to brush up on, or learn how to Edit Video using Adobe Premiere.