Tony was an excellent teacher. I learned so much and am eager to make more Flash animations. He also gave me insight to some amazing sites i would have never came across on my own. I enjoyed this class very much and feel that I would have never got the information I received in another class.

Samantha M.
I'm a high school multimedia and video technology teacher. This year we received Adobe Design Premium CS4 right in the middle of the school year, so NONE of our old lessons matched the new software. When struggling through a few lessons I contacted Tony Ross for some help. I not only got amazing interactive feedback about the issues within the project files, but I was able to share the video feedback with my students and they could make the corrections themselves. I was really able to show my students just how amazing technology is and how the answers are out there. Tony Ross was VERY helpful and his FLASH tutorials really covered basic skills that my students need to learn the software. We completed several of his tutorials and shared them with other teachers in the district. The students were able to work at their own pace and help each other...I was able to be more of a facilitator in the classroom providing guidance as they completed the project independently. GREAT lessons!

Kim M.
I have been a graphic designer for more than 10 years and decided it was time to take the plunge into web design by taking some of Tony's classes. I must admit Web Design was very frightening to me, but Tony made it easy to understand and showed me how to keep things simple and still make really cool things happen in Flash. Since taking these classes Tony has always been available and helpful when I've had a question on how to do something which is an absolute incredible asset to have in a teacher. I would highly recommend Tony's classes to anyone who wants to learn what Flash can do - I think you'll be surprised how easy he makes it and yet how thorough his lessons are. I can assure you that I will definitely be taking more classes from Tony int the future.

Tanya W.
Tony just doesnt teach you how to operate flash, but all the little tricks, the nitty-gritty details that animators should know.

Angela D.
The class was great. First, when he started , I was wondering what he is talking about? Then I realized that he was talking about Flash ( new version, last version ... etc..). I learnt new things I haven't know it before about the Flash. Flash is very difficult, but he explained the basics things in good way. He was a wonderful teacher. Thanks for the Explanation. Thanks for every things.